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Pepins Group is a private health insurance company in Austria and a trusted provider of comprehensive health coverage for our customers. Healthcare can be complex and overwhelming, so we are dedicated to making it simple and accessible for everyone. Our company was founded to provide a holistic health insurance option for individuals and families. We know that every person has unique healthcare needs, and we offer a variety of plans to suit each customer’s budget and lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to excellent care and customer service. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you navigate the healthcare system and find the perfect coverage for our customers. Whether they need coverage for regular check-ups, preventative care or more extensive medical treatments, we are here to help.

Who We Benefit

Pepins Group is here to offer customers a comprehensive healthcare option that meets all their requirements. Since most people living in Austria qualify for public health insurance, we aim to provide competitive and effective policies for people who either do not qualify for public healthcare or prefer to invest their money in private healthcare for top-quality service and our extensive benefits.

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